Magento is a PHP, Zend-Based, Object Oriented MVC Framework purpose-built for E-Commerce. At Teamwebrecks, we provide the best solutions for Magento Development in India. Our professional Magento Developers are experienced in the field in providing resources for shooting your online sales, providing platforms for efficient management and promotion of products, and integrating secure payment gateways which provides your company with the essential and necessary aspects that you require. We are the best Magento E-commerce Development Company and strive to become the best in the world.

As a Magento Website Development Company, we are there to arrange all the elements that you require to operate a successful website. We promise to exceed your expectations with every single project that we complete. We create aesthetically appealing project every single time. Consult us today to get your project done, with our superb developers and get your dream website built.

We won’t just produce a simple e-commerce website which brings the looks – we are going to tailor a powerful e-commerce platform that’s going to skyrocket your online sales. We are going to give you a helping hand in establishing your online presence by putting together a combination of digital strategy and flawless execution. There are three key areas go establish your potent online presence:

Research – we are going to conduct a thorough research of your target market as well as your competitors and the most powerful search terms that will get you found

Design – we do all we can to provide you with powerful and impacting design pages that are going to make a great first impression and ensure longer browsing through your site

Market – We incorporate features in order to maximize the conversions rate on your website. We are also going to make your online presence easily integrated with social media to streamline a high amount of traffic.

The things we can do for you:

  • Establish a relationship of understanding so that we know what does your business and your customers require. We will work together with you in order to make sure that everything that we do is up to your standards and satisfies your demands the way it should.
  • Develop flawless functionality throughout the potent architecture of Magento. We understand that user experience is incredibly important and, with this in mind, we are going to make the browsing through the platform a pleasure. Through powerful web development structural techniques, we are going to make the website incredibly intuitive so that your customers could easily navigate through it.
  • Help you increase its efficiency in order to maximize your profit. The most important thing that we aim to do is to provide a solution with optimized conversion rate so that you increase your profits significantly.
  • Incorporate a hosting platform. An efficient and high performing web hosting service is crucial for the responsiveness of your website. We make sure that we host it on a platform which is capable of withstanding the amount of traffic that your website generates.
  • Offer one-of-a-class support. Our customer support team is going to ensure that you experience a world-class after-delivery support, capable of handling all sorts of potential complications.

The platform allows you to manage all of the activities regarding the sales process without any excessive effort. The system is set to increase your overall revenue and the fact is that a lot of businesses have already taken advantage of this software. The advanced features of the platform are going to help you adjust to the needs of your business in particular. You are also capable of adjusting rates related to your taxes, the shipping methods and much more alike.

The platform is incredibly intuitive and its interface allows you to easily automate and streamline the order fulfillment process without losing control over any aspect of the business. It’s also incredibly easy to set catalogs and other comprehensive merchandising features such as product reviews, wish lists and whatnot. The overall appeal of the website is going to be incredibly impressive which is going to have a great impact on the customers.

In any case, the truth is that the advantages of Magento for developing eCommerce platforms and businesses far exceed those of any other web-developing solutions. This is why it is definitely worth pointing them out and going in depth in order to provide you with a sharper look of what you are getting yourself into if you decide to go with Magento.

The whole package of features

Magento comes packed with all the characteristics which are intended to facilitate layered navigation as well as advanced search, favorites, comparison of products, wish lists, multi-store features, grouped precuts as well as a comprehensive content management system for pages which are static. You can also expect nothing short of excellence when it comes to SEO performance. The truth is that the features of your eCommerce website are the solid foundation onto which it’s built and onto which it’s going to be further developed. Magento manages to envelop all of these, turning them into the cornerstone of your business.

Tons of flexibility

You can get the edition-based solution which is going to depend upon your requirements, budget and the size of your business. This is due to the great flexibility of Magento. The most common and easy to comprehend examples include Magento Go, which is the perfect solutions for small businesses and startups, while Magento Enterprise targets medium as well as large businesses and enterprises. There are a whole bunch of different templates which are available in the Magento platform, which represent another aspect of the flexibility that it offers. Every business is going to be able to find something particularly unique which is going to be characterized for them.

SEO Edge

The truth is that the Magento SEO is going to solve a variety of complex issues in order to facilitate better keyword optimization for eCommerce websites in particular. You are going to be able to efficiently manage things like duplicate content, page traffic as well as indexing and landing pages throughout the Magento solutions.

It’s friendly towards developers

That’s right – Magento takes into consideration one of the most important trends. The development and growth of different online businesses, the websites have to be constantly changed and amended in order to fit the demands of the customers. This is why Magento makes it easier for developers to update your content, to add different pages to your website as well as to link the pages to your main navigation. This is going to save them a considerable time which would allow them to exercise a support far better than any other platform.

Carting allowed

You would be allowed to enjoy the development of shopping carts which would allow the customer to follow a step-by-step, easy to comprehend the buying process for the product of their desire. At the same time, if you want to take advantage of a platform which is incredibly versatile when it comes to offering your customer payment gateways, Magento offers as much as fifty different ones which could be easily integrated within the eCommerce website.

Management of Multiple Stores

This is also amongst the greatest benefits of the platform. Before it was developed, managing multiple stores from the same administrative panel was rather inconvenient or rather cumbersome. In any case, now, you are able to set up each store distinctly by using convenient and differentiated product catalogs. You can run and manage a lot of online business without any additional hassle or issues.

Magento and Google Services

A lot of the services of the tech giant Google can be used with Magento. These include but are most certainly not limited to Google Analytics, Google Base and Google Checkout. The platform has proven itself to be far better in terms of efficiency and sheer performance by shaking hands with this particular search engine. This is going to facilitate the tracking of your traffic as well as uploading the content and processing the orders which have been duly placed by your particular customers. This is what may lead you to come up with proper and more effective strategies to attract more visitors and convert them into potential customers.


The truth is that we are currently living in the mobile era and Magento takes this into serious consideration. The Magento Mobile is going to establish the best brand experience between you and your consumers. This is targeting those people who feel incredibly comfortable shopping throughout their smartphones or tables as well as all other mobile devices. This is also going to eliminate the location barrier as people could use their mobile devices to browse through your website regardless of their current location.


It is a lot easier to administer a website developed with Magento in comparison to other platforms because of the reporting. Entrepreneurs are going to receive valuable feedback from the platform regarding information such as out of stock items, what is currently on high demand, which is the new items in the market and things like this. This is going to open the doors for incredibly well-organized strategies and getting ahead of the game by identifying potential trends.


The core coding of the platform could easily be integrated with a third party coding and that’s why coding is generally considered to be far from complex and rather easy. The core code and the third-party code are comprehensively defined in Magento which allows the website to take the most advantages of both. What is more, the code is not going to get disrupted by any add-ons, plugins or extension which is essential. A lot of businesses have, in fact, switched to this particular platform only because of this.

There are no geographical limitations

The truth is that when it comes to eCommerce the language and the currency are major concerns which have to be taken into thorough consideration. Magento blurs the boundaries of geography allowing everyone to shop from your online store, regardless of his particular location.

Different marketing tools

The websites developed are going to present you with a wide range of marketing tools which are going to provide you with a whole lot of options to navigate through the steep competition. This would provide you with the chance to reach your fullest marketing potential by implementing things like Coupons, Private Sales, Promotional Pricing, Bundled Products and many more of the kind – things that no other platform offers so effectively.

Manage your orders

Magento offers top-notch order management. You can rest assured that you’d be provided with the chance to take care of your orders in a hassle-free manner which is easy to get used to. You can raise invoices, fulfill orders, generate email notifications and many more without having to possess any in-depth technical knowledge.

Open Source

Magento is an open source platform which allows you to integrate whatever you want within your eCommerce website. This is one of the greatest benefits offered by Magento. You can easily customize it the way you feel it’s going to fit your personal business. You can use the open source to your advantage in order to give that persona appeal and touch to your business in order to make it distinctive and easily recognizable. This offers immense branding opportunities.

A lot of additional components

It is incredibly easy to add as many additional components as you wish without disrupting the performance of the current website and settings. This is incredibly important as it’s going to allow you to significantly reduce the downtime of your website, especially when it’s time to adding updates and things of the kind.

Multi-Channel Selling with Magento

You’d be able to properly diversify your online presence through this particular function. By integrating comprehensive techniques, Magento is going to allow you to sell your product through different channels, which is going to make the overall customer experience a lot more pleasant. This is without a doubt one of the greatest ways to stay on top of your competition by adding an additional layer of your platform.

In any case, there are a lot of strong suits to consider when it comes to developing an eCommerce website using the Magento platform. You should thoroughly understand that this would allow you to greatly expand your reach in a manner which is impossible to achieve throughout other website development platforms. The Open source solution is highly beneficial, as visible from other, competitive platforms, but Magento has managed to make it even more beneficial, especially when it comes to building an eCommerce website.

All sounds great but why pick us?

We have years worth of experience developing websites using Magento, WordPress and WooCommerce platform and we pride ourselves as professionals who know the trait inside out. We are going to make sure to deliver a product of top-notch quality which is going to cater to your personal demand. Furthermore, we are going to work side by side with you in order to come up with the solution that you have thoroughly envisioned. Our main intention is to provide you with the physical embodiment of your vision in order to allow you to successfully market and conduct your business the way you intended to do. This is going to give you the opportunity to freely and comfortably navigate your own enterprise the way you’ve always wanted.

The services with Magento that we offer include:

  • Installation and customization
  • Theming
  • SEO for Magento
  • Integrating other extension software
  • Upgrades
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Incorporating User Experience Designs
  • Integration of third-party software such as social media, forums and blogs
  • Integration of payment providers such as PayPal, Merchant banks and many more.

We understand the fact that building an online presence, as well as an eCommerce website development, envelops a lot more than just simply designing the site. Having this in thorough consideration, we are here to offer you with the entire package. Not only are we capable of delivering the tailored website that you’ve always envisioned, but we can help you establish a sound and stable online presence in order to strengthen your positions and begin monetizing the website. We are going to launch full-blown SEO marketing campaigns for your website in order to drive the required amounts of traffic. We are going to integrate other extension software in order to make the User Experience a lot more enjoyable. We are capable of providing you with thorough and constant support by upgrading the website whenever it’s needed.

At the same time, we are also capable of coming up with powerful marketing strategies which are going to help you expand your reach and get additional amounts of traffic and conversions. Not only that, but we are also going to integrate third-party software such as social media in order to increase the potential of your enterprise. In any case, we are a company which lays a lot of attention to details and we definitely want to make sure that the solution you’ve received is up to the highest standards. We are also going to integrate a wide range of payment methods as this is one of the most important things that concern the majority of customers. By doing so, we are going to get into their comfort zone, thus converting a lot more prospects into actual buyers and customers.

We ensure tailored websites which are capable of expanding your business. Our professional and reputable experts are going to make sure that every demand that you have is fully catered to. Not only this, we offer constant support once the website is completed and duly delivered to its happy owner. This is essential for any new eCommerce business. We are well aware of the tendencies in the respective field and our support includes not only general maintenance of your system but also updating them so that they stay relevant and up to date at all times. We deliver – that’s what we do. You can rest assured that everything that you’ve asked for is going to be promptly taken care of and delivered within the agreed upon deadline as we understand how important terms are when it comes to launching a new business.

Magento Web Design FAQs

  1. Is there an available Magento trial I can use for free?
    Yes, there is. You can take a look at how Magento works and experience the demo at
  2. How long does the development take?
    This would strictly depend on a whole lot of things but mainly it depends on how complicated the website is. It could take anywhere between 6 weeks and 6 months in order to ensure high-end quality.
  3. Can I handle the management myself?
    Yes, the platform is incredibly easy to manage and you won’t need a web developer to do it for you, thus saving a lot of expenses on support.
  4. Is Magento SEO-friendly?
    Yes, Magento features comprehensive SEO plugins which are tolerated by Google.
  5. Will I be able to upload products on Magento website myself?
    Yes, you would be able to. The platform is incredibly comprehensive and it wouldn’t take you much time to understand how to do it.